Wooden furniture in dark tone room

Annorum which means “long years” .

We think that “rich life” is also the feeling of attachment itself that is created by the time accumulated in things and the long time we share with things with our owners. A select shop that deals with items that can be made to live for a long time from now on, such as antiques that can feel such attachment, handmade vessels and clothes made over time, and plants that grow together, etc. is.

「長い年月 」を意味するannorum (アンノルム)。

ひとつの「豊かさ」とは、モノに蓄積された時間や、持ち主 とモノとが共有する時間が長いことで生まれる愛着という感 情そのものでもあると考えます。

そんな愛着を感じられるアンティーク家具をはじめ、日々の 生活に纏わるモノたちを紹介しています。